The happy couple shares a kiss. Photo courtesy of the Valley Courier. Reprinted with permission.

On Nov. 4, 2015, Evergreen Nursing Home in Alamosa, Colorado, hosted a special vow renewal ceremony for resident Mina Rose Owens and her husband, Monty, in honor of their 60th anniversary.


Associates worked together to put the event together for the Owenses. Ramona Dutton, director of nursing, found a local bishop to perform the ceremony, while Ericha Loosbrock, marketing director, contacted City Market for cake and flowers, and Virginia Lopez, dietary manager, prepared Mina Rose’s favorite dinner for the meal.


“I thought it was just wonderful,” said Mina Rose about the celebration. “This will be a day I always cherish. I am so thankful for all of you who made this possible.”


“My wife has always done special things for me, and today wouldn’t have happened without all the help she had from the folks at Evergreen,” said Monty. “You have a bunch of talented people here, and we are so grateful to be here. The cake was sure good, but the ceremony was the icing on the cake!”


After the vow renewal, Jason Hemsath, maintenance director, escorted the couple down Main Street with a “Just Married” sign proclaiming to all their love, and associates from the building “sent them off” with a shower of bubbles.


“It was beautiful,” said Marianne Shelton, staff development coordinator. “I wish more marriages could be this special.”


“My favorite part of the whole day was the ring exchange,” added Maria Quintana, activity director. “It was beautiful to see him so nervous like he was marrying her for the first time.” 


Mina Rose lives at Evergreen Nursing Home in Alamosa, but Monty lives in Cortez, Colorado. They are separated by a 200-mile drive, including a mountain pass over the continental divide, but Monty visits each week.


The Owenses met in church when they were very young, and they married on Nov. 5, 1955. They went on to have six sons in a row: James, Preston, Daniel, Mark, Lance and Joseph. Mina Rose was very excited to no longer be the only female when she gave birth to a daughter, Sara.


The couple has a longstanding tradition of writing each other letters and poems, and when Mina Rose moved in to Evergreen Nursing Home, Monty wrote her a sweet letter proclaiming his love. Mina Rose had the letter framed.


About their relationship, Mina Rose said, “There were some hard times, but through it all, we have remained madly in love with each other.” 

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