Radio host Jenni Peal, left, with Ramona Dutton, director of nursing

In May 2018, Ramona Dutton, director of nursing, and Ericha Loosbrock, admissions and marketing director, served as special guests on a local radio company’s Senior Spotlight.


The associates from Evergreen Nursing Home in Alamosa, Colorado, joined radio host Jenni Peal to discuss the topic of facing an end-of-life diagnosis with grace, empowerment and love. The spots were recorded in May and broadcast on three radio stations on June 26.


Dutton shared part of her personal testimony of being diagnosed with breast cancer and how she survived with the help of her family, friends and co-workers. She discussed how important it is to review possible end-of-life decisions with family members before they are faced with making important choices without the patient’s input.


“You’ve got to reach out,” said Dutton. “You’ve got to tell people what’s going on in your life. Once people know, they may have some answers for you.”


She encouraged families to face such a diagnosis with education, family support and religious and spiritual guidance.


Loosbrock encouraged family members to seek assistance if they are not able to participate in direct care with a family member struggling with an end-of-life diagnosis.


“Oftentimes, the medication regime for end-of-life diagnoses can be hard on the elderly,” Loosbrock shared. “It is common to see them lose mobility, strength and energy, which can lead to accidents and falls, causing the treatments to be put on hold while the patient heals and gains strength. This can be done in several settings: home, assisted living or skilled nursing.”


Both ladies shared that ultimately, these situations are most successful when the patient is enveloped with love, education and grace from family members and caregivers alike.