Two children pose with the Easter Bunny and their prize chocolate bunnies.

For Easter 2018, Maria Quintana, activity director, planned a full week of activities for the residents at Evergreen Nursing Home in Alamosa, Colorado.


In preparation for their big Easter Egg Hunt on Good Friday, Quintana had residents and associates stuffing more than 300 plastic eggs and coloring more than 200 hard-boiled eggs.


“If it weren’t for the help of the residents, we would never be able to host this large of an event for the community,” said Quintana.


Approximately 40 children attended the egg hunt. The activities team divided the hunts into two groups so the entire home could participate. Quintana and a few residents also hid a golden egg in each hunt (the winners were awarded a large chocolate bunny from the Easter Bunny). Children ages 0-4 years old searched for Easter eggs in the memory care area.


“This smaller population blended well with our memory care residents, and they enjoyed looking for the eggs with the kids,” said Ericha Loosbrock, marketing and admissions director.


Kids ages 5-12 hunted for eggs out on the front lawn, a larger area that encouraged kids to really participate and look for the eggs and goodies that residents had enjoyed hiding earlier in the morning.


Of course, the event wouldn’t have been complete without the Easter Bunny, who was available for pictures and even joined the egg hunt with the kids. 


After the hunt, the Easter Bunny hopped on the Evergreen bus and made a few surprise visits around town to share his Bunny Bait cards and candy. 


“Having fun events like the annual Easter Egg Hunt really helps our residents feel like they are a vital part of our Alamosa community,” said Kara Finger, executive director.

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